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The Cranfield Group Philosophy

We employ a fiduciary approach to managing all of our client portfolios. Our investment philosophy is based upon strong academic and scientific knowledge, grounded in Modern Portfolio Theory and strongly influenced by diversification strategies developed by Nobel Prize winning financial economists. We utilise a dynamic asset allocation model which utilises both index based investments and an active based approach. We believe that an active approach can potentially protect your portfolio against structural changes in the markets or catastrophic events. An active approach can also take advantage of an expanded investments opportunity set (beyond what is contained in the index). Our active approach is carefully monitored and if it does not provide a return above the index, then it will be dropped – so far they have delivered.
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Government and Bank Support during COVID-19

Whilst we suggest getting advice from your lawyer and/or accountant during the COVID-19 crisis here are a list of options you have: Employer Support/ Wage Subsidies The COVID-19 Wage Subsidy and Employer Support will be paid at a flat rate of:$585.80 for people...

Stay at home and flatten the curve

So as we get close to entering the second week of lock down most of us obeying the rules of staying at home and isolating within your bubbles. Not only will you save lives but will help us get out of level 4 quicker as opposed to it going on for months. It all started...