Paul Taylor’s Lockdown Survival Tips

Below are some of his top tips to on how to thrive – not just survive – in today’s climate.

1. Take Responsibility – Life is made up of two zones:

Zone 1: What we can control

Zone 2: What we can’t control

Refuse to focus on things we can’t control and focus on what needs to be done right now within our control.

2. Exercise

Kick start your brain by exercising in the morning. Exercise helps with will-power and helps get stuff done.

  3. Tap Code

  Help each other, support each other and remind each other of      their purpose. 

  Everyone needs a tap code to be healthy.

  4. Memento mori (remember that you are mortal)

  Use this to judge your actions, behaviours and have quality time    with the people around you.
  Carpe punctum – cease the moment.

  5. Journal

  Daily Intentions

  What virtues or behaviours am I going to commit to today?           Work, Energy, Connections

  Evening reflections

  What virtues did I express?

  What went well?

  What needs work?


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