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Working with you to create wealth and achieve your financial objectives and assisting clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our family-owned company is not aligned with any organisation, ensuring that we deliver unbiased recommendations that set high net-worth individuals, families, and companies on the path to financial security.

Call or email us for a review of your financial situation or plans, or to test our services if you are not satisfied with your current advisors. If you want to discuss your currents policies in regards to  Life Insurance for COVID-19 please get in touch with us.

Ready for Authenticity?

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non-aligned advice.


As Risk Management specialists, we provide impartial solutions that protect you against challenges and threats to your financial security. Too often, planning ahead is put aside as people are immersed in the challenges and demands of their personal life and work commitments.


As part of our non aligned philosophy, the Cranfield Group uses portfolios that meet your needs as a client – not our own. Our private portfolio service is provided on a fee-only basis, ensuring that our advice is 100 percent impartial and unbiased.


We provide robust and sound investment management combined with valuable advice and support. Choose a flexible scheme with transparent features, responsible investment parameters and the ability to view your savings online 24/7.

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Government and Bank Support during COVID-19

Whilst we suggest getting advice from your lawyer and/or accountant during the COVID-19 crisis here are a list of options you have: Employer Support/ Wage Subsidies The COVID-19 Wage Subsidy and Employer Support will be paid at a flat rate of:$585.80 for people...

Stay at home and flatten the curve

So as we get close to entering the second week of lock down most of us obeying the rules of staying at home and isolating within your bubbles. Not only will you save lives but will help us get out of level 4 quicker as opposed to it going on for months. It all started...