Wealth creation and risk management for individuals, families and companies

The Cranfield Group provides unbiased wealth creation and risk management recommendations to high net worth individuals, families and companies, offering you the best strategies and financial products to fit your needs from a range of providers.

In a comprehensive review of your situation and long-term objectives, we look at your investment choices and at potential risks that may arise for you, your family, or business. As non-aligned financial advisors, our focus is on how we can be of value to you.

Clients working with us receive regular reviews so that we can reflect significant changes in either your personal or professional circumstances. A change in employment, home or geographical move, or business development may impact on your overall financial objectives and require an adjustment in your strategies.

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It's reasonably well known that New Zealand's Inland Revenue Department holds millions of dollars of individuals' unclaimed money. But it's only a fraction of the money Kiwis have lost track of overseas. In Australia alone, says Andrew Lendnal, head of marketing at...