Portfolio Management & Private Portfolios

Portfolio management or private portfolios

As part of our non aligned philosophy, the Cranfield Group uses portfolios that meet your needs as a client – not our own. Our private portfolio service is provided on a fee-only basis, ensuring that our advice is 100 percent impartial and unbiased. By using proven risk profiling tools and with each clients’ individual objectives and needs in mind, our investment advisors put together strategies and portfolios that move you towards your goals. Our investment philosophy is based upon strong academic and scientific knowledge, grounded in Modern Portfolio Theory on asset allocation’s influential role in high performing portfolios; strongly influenced by diversification strategies developed by Nobel Prize winning financial economists. Combining this with a dynamic asset allocation model that utilises both index based investments and an active approach. This active approach can protect your portfolio against structural market changes or catastrophic events and can also leverage an expanded investments opportunity set (beyond what is contained in the index). Carefully monitored, if our active approach does not provide a return above the index then it will be dropped – and we are proud to have delivered these above-index returns to date.

At the outset, we get a clear understanding of a client’s financial needs:

  • Is the money invested for income, growth, or both?
  • Is the money intended for retirement or another purpose?
  • When do you intend to retire?
  • Do you need to draw down money while you are still saving?
  • What has your previous investment experience been?
  • What are your expectations of investment returns?
The last three years of volatile economic conditions have reinforced the lesson that people’s attitude, capacity and tolerance to investment risk can change considerably; our recommendations are made with this in mind. Our focus is on investing for market returns within agreed risk parameters, rather than speculating on future market scenarios – a risky approach which often fails to deliver. By putting together well-diversified portfolios, structured with the correct asset allocation for your individual investment risk profile, we work with our clients to achieve your long-term goals.

We work with:

  • Families
  • High net worth individuals
  • Trusts

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